Why Choose Education Abroad China 

Education Abroad China is one of leading study tour programs suppliers in Beijing, China. We are dedicated to delivering excellent and affordable academic programs to a diverse range of groups of faculty and students. 

Very strong reputation in providing well organized study tour programs in China for over 15 years.

A variety of different, carefully designed short-term study abroad programs to China to choose from. All of the programs will make you not only gain academic knowledge, but also immerse yourself in Chinese culture and society.

Overall great value at an extremely affordable price.

Save your time and trouble. After understanding your needs through early communication, our study tour professionals will provide high quality assistance in planning a customized itinerary for your program. At same time, we can help you to coordinate and arrange all the matters related to study tour, such as: visa application, booking air tickets, hotel reservation, ground transportation, business visit arrangement and so on.

The opportunity to engage in academic activities such as visiting firms, nature reserves, hospitals and minority villages, city and rural home-stays as well as lectures by professors, scholars and local government officials.

The purpose of the study abroad program is to provide international learning experience to students that cannot be taught on campus. Our goal is to help students discover the real face of China first hand and meet real people who can show them what world media does not.

Student and faculty’s safety and security are our highest priority. Risk management is well under controlled by our agency’s emergency team and 24-hour hotline is set up to provide timely help should any unforeseen emergency situation arise during students travel through China.


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