Safety Management

Ensuring the health, safety and security of students and faculty traveling in China is a top priority for Education Abroad China. EAC has dedicated to ensuring that all reasonable measures are taken so that our clients are assured of safety and security throughout their trip in China. Eliminating all risks from the study abroad environments is beyond our control. But, we will do all our efforts and conduct following measures to lower the potential risks. 

1. Before each group arrives in China, we conduct assessments of health and safety conditions for program sites and develop a crisis response team & plan. Open 24/7 emergency phone to provide immediate help in any arisen emergency during the study tour program. 

2. The accommodation used in the itinerary not only conforms to national fire, safety and hygiene standards, but also meets the requirements of the hotel category requested. 

3. We will ensure that the vehicles used are from companies with tour operating license and that they comply with all transport safety laws and regulations. Also, make sure the driver is legally qualified. 

4. Public transportation such as domestic flights, high-speed trains/regular trains and ships etc. used in the itinerary are all operated by legally qualified companies as reliable carriers. 

5. A professional national escort and local tour guide are designated to accompany the group. Both of them are experienced and well versed in dealing with emergency situations that might occur. The national escort always opens his/her cell phone in order to maintain good communication with students, faculty, travel agency, hospital, and local authorities etc.   

6. During sightseeing, a local tour guide will guide at the front and a national escort will follow at the rear in order to keep the participants together.   

7. We strongly recommend that health and travel insurance be acquired from the participants’ country of origin. Education Abroad China will offer a supplement travel accident insurance for each participant in mainland of China as your double protection. 


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