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Before your departure, we recommend the following list as a packing guide. It may not be all-inclusive.

Pack light
Bring as little as you possibly can. Leave space for souvenirs and presents to bring back home.
Throughout the program, you will have to carry everything you pack on to buses, up flights of stairs, etc. Do not pack more than you can carry as there will be no one else to carry your bags!
The free baggage allowance on China domestic routes with economy class ticket is 20 kg. Each piece of checked baggage shall not exceed the maximum dimensions of 100cm x 60cm x 40cm.
Do not pack valuables (passports, documents, contact lenses, medications, and electrical equipment) in checked luggage.

The Basics
Passport and visa
Airline e-ticket/itinerary
Insurance policy & Health Documentation
ATM card and credit card with emergency number
Cash in U.S dollar or Euro
Make copies of the photo page of your passport. Keep one separate from your passport and give one to a trusted person for safekeeping. Do the same with credit and debit cards.

Pack lightly, and bring casual clothes. At least one pair of comfortable walking shoes is a must. Cotton and wool knits wrinkle less and keep you cool or warm. Turtlenecks, light sweaters, and long and short-sleeved t-shirts are great for layering in colder weather or wearing alone. A business suit and tie for men and one or two dresses or pant suits for women will suffice for most formal occasions.

Health Items
If you take prescription medications, bring what you will need for the entire length of your program. A spare set of glasses or contact lenses plus cleansing solution Soap and shampoo in small containers that won’t leak.
It is recommended that you bring your medical records along with you. In the event of an emergency your medical records will be of great assistance. The medical record should include your blood type, immunization record, allergies, and any medications you are currently taking.
Personal health kit:
*Band-aids or moleskin to prevent blisters
*Anti-itch ointment
*Hand sanitizer
*Cold medication
*Diarrhea and upset stomach medication
*Personal hygiene products (Note tampons are not available in China)
*Documentation of health insurance

★Small pad of paper for jotting down notes for future entry into your journal
★Ballpoint pen and/or mechanical pencils with soft (BB) lead - these are least likely to run when wet or to leak in your pocket
★Daypack or book-bag to carry lunch, camera, notebook
★Luggage Tags
★Camera and accessories
★Electric adapter, converter, and/or batteries to use your electric appliances in China.
★Dictionary of the host language/grammar books
★Glasses and/or contacts and a spare pair and/or your prescription in case you need to replace them.
★An umbrella & rain gear
★China Guide book
★Small gifts from your home for host family and new friends
★Your study abroad program handbook
★Travel documents
★Emergency contact card

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