Our Mission

Education Abroad China is one of leading study abroad programs suppliers in Beijing. We are dedicated to delivering excellence and affordability to a diverse range of academic programs to faculty and students and ensure that all participants are to foster a better understand of diverse China while ensuring that all participants are safe and well taken care of while away from their campus. 

Our Philosophy

Delivering superior academic programs and providing excellent service to faculty and students in China are our top priorities. At same time, help students to discover the real face of China and meet real people who can show them things that the world's media does not. We want students to benefit from our knowledge, and from immersion with the Chinese culture, history and people’s life. We believe that a trip should be a meaningful learning experience, not just a sightseeing trip.

Commitment to Quality & Service 

It’s our permanent quest to provide faculty and students with the best itinerary and make them have the most abundant study tour experience in China. Our itineraries are created by the faculty, advisors and our experienced staff together. Bus tour is arranged in comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles. Domestic flight is available in economy class. All night train journeys take a soft sleeper. Accommodations are arranged at the carefully selected star hotels. Breakfast is a combination of local and western food in the hotel. Lunch and dinner are arranged at fine local restaurants specializing in regional cuisines. Academic site visits, business visits and lectures may be provided based on your request.

Risk Management

1.Student and faculty’s safety and security is our highest priority. We pay continuous attention to these issues when you are in China. 

2.A national escort with knowledge of medical and emergency response protocols is always present to provide faculty and students with guidance in dealing with issues relating to health, safety, transportation, local culture etc. He/she is required to carry a cell phone specifically for emergency communications on his/her person at all times. 

3.Our company has an emergency team and special 24-hour hotline set up to provide timely help should any unforeseen emergency situation arise during your travels through China.

Your Trip

Education Abroad China has been focusing on study tours in China more than ten years. We have the ability to coordinate everything all elements related to your trip to China, from Chinese visa application, flight itineraries, logistics arrangements, firm visits, lectures, to special culture classes. Our staff and management want to share our wonderful country with you and ensure that your trip in China is memorable.

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